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Technifast’s manufacturing division has an established and much valued working relationship with Corby-based Van Pro Engineering, who has over thirty years’ experience in the commercial van industry, working closely with companies that fit-out vans with shelving, ply lining, roof racks and ladder storage solutions.

How Technifast Helped:
Since 2013, Technifast’s manufacturing division has been producing a light-weight aluminium roof rack load stop for Van Pro Engineering’s versatile, purpose built AliSS roof rack system. The load stop was designed to allow the roof rack to be fully adjustable, easy to move and to secure the load in a safe manner. 

More recently, Technifast has been involved with manufacturing custom-built clevis pins for another of the company’s innovative projects. The new product, currently in pre-production, has been cleverly designed to allow ladders to be bolted to the interior of commercial vans. Traditionally, ladders have been fixed to the exterior of the van, which poses issues with damage caused when drilling through the rear door of the van, or the ladder causing reversing sensors to activate. There is also a huge advantage in having ladders stored internally in the van, making them much more secure.

Technifast’s quick release clevis pin solution allows the ladder to removed from the housing inside the van in a fast, efficient manner, whilst keeping the ladder safely secured in position when the van is on the move. 

Local Companies Working Together:
Paul Britton of Van Pro Engineering explained why he thought Technifast were an ideal addition to Van Pro Engineering’s supplier listing. “The service that Technifast provides to us has been amazing. We strive to use local companies wherever possible and enjoy a long-standing relationship with Technifast.”

Roof Rack Fitted With Technifast's Load Stop Pins


Innovative New Ladder Storage For Commercial Vans With Technifast's Custom Clevis Pins

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