Slotted Spring Pins consist of a single coil of spring steel (or stainless steel) with an open slot sufficiently wide to enable the pin to reduce in diameter as it is driven into a hole of appropriate size. As standard, our spring tension pins are normally supplied in the heavy duty form, but a light duty version is also available. 

Slotted Spring Pins

Slotted Spring Pin Line Drawing


  • Slotted Pin ISO 8752; Heavy Duty 
  • Slotted Pin ISO 13337; Light Duty
  • Slotted Pin JIS B 2808; Equivalent to ISO 8752 but with reduced expanded diameter for easier assembly (contact us for stocked sizes) - SPECIAL OFFER: Click for details
  • Slotted Pin DIN 1481; Equivalent to ISO 8752 but with plus only length tolerances
  • Slotted Pin DIN 7346; Light Duty
  • Slotted Pin BS 7060; Equivalent to ISO 8752


  • Spring Steel - CS 70 / AISI 1070 / C67
  • Stainless A2 - AISI 304


As an alternative to ISO 8752, we can offer in some sizes JIS B 2808 (Japan Industry Standard). This has an expanded diameter relatively smaller in relation to the nominal diameter (hole size) which makes assembly easier
as a countersink in the hole is not needed and the slot is narrower so does not entangle in bulk processing, such as plating or hopper-fed assembly machines.

It is possible to increase the shear strength of slotted pins by inserting a small diameter inside a large one. This should always be done by inserting the larger pin first, then inserting the smaller one, taking care that the slot is
between 90° and 180° away from the slot in the larger pin.


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