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Technifast’s manufacturing division has an established and much valued working relationship with RGM Norton Limited, who has over thirty years’ experience in producing and distributing spare components for vintage Norton motorbikes to customers across the globe.

How Technifast Helped:

Technifast’s manufacturing division is dedicated to producing small and complex turned parts for many industries. RGM wanted a reliable manufacturer to join their supplier portfolio to create non-standard Norton parts such as dowels for gearbox timing covers, crankcases and junction blocks to help RGM’s fulfilment of Norton parts to customers at an international level.

RGM recognised Technifast’s expertise and the adaptability they could offer to their customers. Most of Technifast’s turned parts are manufactured using CNC machines to obtain high precision and excellent surface finish, which is a vital requirement for RGM and the Norton enthusiasts they supply parts to.

A Reliable & Professional Service:

Lawrence McDowell of RGM explained why he thought Technifast were an ideal addition to RGM Norton’s supplier listing. “We wanted to engage with a supplier who can provide fast quotes and a reliable, professional service. With Technifast, we get just that, it’s a straightforward order process, with open channels to the Technifast team for enquiries or queries.”

Lawrence concluded: “We help Norton enthusiasts by designing, drawing and specifying components - responding to customer requests for specific parts in a timely fashion."


"Technifast are an agile company, who respond quickly to our quotes and orders, helping RGM continue to maintain and support the widespread use and enjoyment of Norton Motorbikes both on the road and in sport.”



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