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Technifast stock a large range of Retaining Pins (R-Clips) in wire diameters from 1.2mm through to 8mm to meet the requirements of a large range of applications. Choose from a single coil - or for more durability a double coil R-Clip will spread the stresses out more evenly for a longer life cycle. Retaining clips are also known as spring cotters are often used in conjunction with clevis pins when inserted through the shaft, to keep the pin in place.

R-Clips are particularly useful when components are to be quickly assembled or disassembled and are used in a variety of industries including automotive and agriculture.

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Retaining Pin Size Chart - Find The Correct Pin

Diameter 'd'  Diameter 'H' Overall Length 'L' Recommended Hole Diameter Range Of Shaft Diameter Coil
1.2mm 2mm 23mm 1.5mm 5mm - 8mm Single
1.6mm 2mm 25mm 2.0mm 6mm - 10mm Single
1.6mm 2mm 38mm 2.0mm 6mm - 10mm Single
1.8mm 2.5mm 36mm 2.2mm 8mm - 13mm Single
2.0mm 3mm 48mm 2.5mm 15mm - 25mm Single
2.0mm 3mm 57mm 2.5mm 9mm - 14mm Single
2.5mm 4mm 48mm 3.0mm 9mm - 14mm Single
2.5mm 5.5mm 72mm 3.0mm 16mm - 27mm Single
3.0mm 3.5mm 72mm 3.25mm 10mm - 20mm Single
4.0mm 5mm 74mm 4.5mm 16mm - 25mm Single
4.5mm 7mm 95mm 5.0mm 20mm - 30mm Single
5.0mm 7mm 102mm 5.5mm 20mm - 35mm Single
6.0mm 9mm 126mm 7.0mm 28mm - 40mm Single
6.0mm 8mm 114mm 7.0mm 28mm - 45mm Single
7.0mm 9mm 127mm 8.0mm 30mm - 42mm Single
8.0mm 10mm 132mm 9.0mm 24mm - 40mm Single
8.0mm 11mm 162mm 9.0mm 30mm - 45mm Single
2.0mm 2.5mm 57mm 2.5mm 8mm - 14mm Double
3.0mm 4.5mm 73mm 3.5mm 14mm - 20mm Double
4.0mm 5.5mm 94mm 4.5mm 17mm - 24mm Double
5.0mm 5.5mm 110mm 5.5mm 18mm - 30mm Double
6.0mm 8.0mm 141mm 6.5mm 24mm - 36mm Double
7.0mm 9mm 152mm 8.0mm 24mm - 40mm Double
7.0mm 17.5mm 172mm 8.0mm 45mm - 56mm Double
8.0mm 8mm 153mm 9.0mm 24mm - 45mm Double

 *Please note:  Not all sizes are available in all types of material.  Please speak to our team for details.

Single / Double Coil R-Clips

Retaining pins or R-clips are stocked in two designs – the single coil for most applications and the double coil for more demanding use.

They are supplied in either stainless steel A2 or marine grade stainless steel A4, zinc plated or spring steel* and the size ranges from 1.2mm to 8mm wire diameters.


  • Zinc plated spring steel
  • Stainless steel 


Technifast R Clip


Single R Clip


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