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Hammer Drive Pins are cold-formed pins with helical knurls and are used to replace screws where the need to remove the pin is unlikely. Hammer Drive Pins are designed for installation is by hammer or press.

Hammer Drive Pins are made in low carbon steel and the knurl must cut its way into the walls of the hold, they are designed for use with unhardened materials such as mild steel, aluminium, brass or plastics.

Hammer Drive Pin


  • Flat Headed Hammer Drive Pins - Series HP 210
  • Round Headed Hammer Drive Pins - Series HP 110


  • Low Carbon Steel


  • Simple, low cost assembly
  • Secure - unlike machine screws, hammer drive pins do not depend on tightening torque to be retained in the assembly
  • Hammer drive pins do not require lock washers to prevent back-out

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