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Dowels are solid pins, usually precision ground to narrow limits to permit accurate fitting. Precision dowels are traditionally used to hold parts together in a fixed alignment relying on the tightness of fit to stay in place. Our stocked range includes stainless steel dowel pins in A2 and A4, mild steel unhardened and through hardened steel to ISO and DIN standards.  All our dowel pins are made to a high quality and we offer up to 60% discount on volume orders, plus FREE shipping* on all orders over £50.

Technifast is able to supply solid dowel pins and extractable dowel pins in both metric and imperial sizes. In addition, we can manufacture dowels with special diameters, lengths or materials to meet your requirements. 

We currently have capacity to manufacture precision dowel pins to customer specifications and small diameter dowels are a speciality.  We offer a fast-turnaround, competitive pricing, longer lengths up to 120mm and have experience across all industries. Contact us to find out more - or to view all the size ranges please download our Dowel Pin Datasheet.



  • ISO 2338 and DIN 7  -  This type of Dowel Pin is ideal as a location and alignment in a variety of applications. Manufactured as standard in mild steel, stainless steel 303 and stainless steel 316L
  • ISO 8735 and DIN 7979  - Extractable Dowel Pins as standard in hardened steel,  stainless steel 303 and stainless steel 316L.  Extractable Dowel Pins are also stocked in 3mm - 20mm diameters. Our extractable dowel pins have an internal thread, which is used to aid removal of the pin after installation.
  • DIN 6325 - A solid  Dowel Pin supplied in 100Cr6, through hardened to 58-62HRc.  We can also manufacture in stainless steel 303 and stainless steel 316
  • ISO 8734 - For exact locating and alignment in drilled and reamed location holes, these  Dowel Pins are ISO8734/C1 stainless hardened to 53-57 HRc. We manufacture in steel, stainless steel 303 and stainless steel 316.
  • BS1804 - Imperial parallel Dowel Pins feature a chamfer one end and a dome the other and are produced to BS1804 standards

Custom-Made Stainless Steel Dowels & Parallel Pins 

Need a special size?  We offer a custom-made dowel pin service to customer specification or drawing. We specialise in through hardened steel, mild steel unhardened, CR6, stainless steel in 303 (A2), 304, 316 (A4). Our machines are capable of producing dowels up to 32mm, giving the option to add features such as flats and Circlip grooves, or internal /external threads. Find out more. 



  • Through hardened steel
  • Mild steel unhardened
  • Stainless steel A2
  • Stainless steel A4
  • Stainless C1

Recommended Hole Tolerances For Solid Dowel Pins & Extractable Dowel Pins

Hole Material Hardened Steel Mild Steel Aluminium / Zinc / Brass
Interference Fit Pin Diameter Less 5 Microns Pin Diameter Less 25 Microns Pin Diameter Less 35 Microns
Transition Fit Pin Diameter Less 2 Microns Pin Diameter Less 5 Microns Pin Diameter Less 5 Microns
Clearance Fit Pin Diameter Plus 25-60 Microns Pin Diameter Plus 25-60 Microns Pin Diameter Plus 25-60 Microns


Recommended Diameter Tolerances For Dowels

Nominal Diameter Dowel Diameter m6
0.8 0.802-0.808
1.0 1.002-1.008
1.5 1.502-1.508
2.0 2.002-2.008
2.5 2.502-2.508
3.0 3.002-3.008
4.0 4.004-4.012
5.0 5.004-5.012
6.0 6.004-6.012
8.0 8.006-8.015
10.0 10.006-10.015
12.0 12.007-12.018
14.0 14.007-14.018
16.0 16.007-16.018
20.0 20.008-20.021



*Free shipping applies to UK mainland orders only, valued at over £50 nett.

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