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Blind captive nuts provide an economical alternative to threaded rivets as they are easy to install and remove without special tooling. This feature makes them ideal for use in low volume or on-site applications, but larger users also benefit from the ease of assembly and in place performance.

Blind captive nuts are produced with white or black nylon cages and brass or stainless steel inserts. We can also supply blind nuts in many imperial thread sizes.


  • White nylon cages, with brass inserts.  We can also offer stainless steel alternatives in some sizes, please contact us for details


  • No special installation tooling needed
  • Covers all grip thicknesses
  • Spring tension nylon cage holds the nut securely until final assembly is made
  • Protects brittle or painted surfaces as only the nylon cage comes into contact with the sheet or other metal
  • Made from corrosion resisting material


Series No. Thread Size Cage Length A Head Thickness T Hole Size X Minimum Screw Length Average Pull-Out Suggested Installation Torque
BN21 M3 x 0.5 9.5mm 0.76mm 7.9 +0.1/-0mm 9.5mm + Dim ‘C’ 0.4Kn 2.3 – 3.4NM

M4 x 0.7

M5 x 0.8

12.7mm 0.76mm 10.3 +0.1/0mm 12.7mm + Dim ‘C’ 1.1Kn 2.3 – 5.7NM
BN41 M6 x 1.0 15.9mm 0.76mm 12.7 +0.15/- 0mm 15.9mm +Dim ‘C’ 1.2Kn 3.4 – 11.4NM



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